The video creator and style influencer gets candid in DIVA’s July issue


Jade Fox is a content creator who has amassed 83K followers on instagram, 92K on TikTok and an impressive 253K subscribers on YouTube. She posts queer lifestyle and entertainment content on her channels, and her work is funny, uplifting and inspiring in many ways. Jade’s influence does not begin and end with her numbers — as a Black queer woman, she has made an impact by committing to sharing her unique and authentic perspective on fashion and pop culture.

Before your interview teaser, have a look at one of Jade’s most popular TikToks…

@iamjadefox you got this, friend. #lgbt #menatalhealth ♬ original sound – iamjadefox

Jade on…

Making her start in fashion

“It was less about fashion and more so I just identified fashion as a tool that I could use to express myself”

Owning her truth

“I think I’ve always, if I didn’t have to confidence to always speak up for myself, I’ve always had a desire to not conform.”

Queer representation

“I’m enjoying the way queerness is not being explained as much… I’m more interested now in what comes out in the next few months or years than I have been in the past.”

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