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Laura Kay is an author and journalist whose work centering sapphic romance has been recognised and celebrated by people across the world. Her previous works include Tell Me Everything and The Split, and she is known for being bold and honest in her representation of lesbian sex in literature (gone are the days of a kiss being the epitome of intimacy between women). Her latest novel, Wild Things, is about a group of queer friends who take the idea of living together on a commune out of the groupchat and decide to really make it happen. Their journey is filled with drama, sexual tension and intense crushes…

In our July issue we had the pleasure of interviewing Laura about her work, and we have a teaser waiting for you below!

Laura on…

Old crushes

“All those crushes have been worth it. I really like writing crushes because they’re such a universal experience.”

Sapphic sex scenes

“I love writing sex scenes. I’d be letting everyone down if I just did a fade-to-black”

Her first US release

“It’s had a really lovely, exciting reception. It’s a bit of a dream come true really.”

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