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As LGBTQIA people, it is often assumed that our families are not legitimate unless we build them in the same way that cisgender heterosexual people do, but this is false and it’s time we celebrated some of the different ways that queer people start families. This month, we took a deep dive into the unique experiences faced by families made up of LGBTQIA parents and/or LGBTQIA children. From interviews on what it’s like to start a family as a trans person, to features on connecting with your inner child as an LGBTQIA parent, our Pride Parenting special covers a range of different insights.


Want to know more about being a trans parent?

We have an interview with the lovely trans couple Jake and Hannah Graf who are about to release their memoir, Becoming Us. We also have a beautiful extract from the book that you need to read!

Maybe some more perspectives on LGBTQIA parenting…

Dive into a feature from the wonderful Rebecca Dandridge (of raisinggaybies.com) who shares her parenting journey and the barriers she faced. You can also read Leanna Dandridge’s thoughts on what it’s like not being the biological parent to your child.

Perhaps your child is queer and you want to know how to show your love for them…

Gain some understanding by looking into a queer person’s perspective on what they wish parents of LGBTQIA people knew.

Interested in connecting with your inner child?

Read a thought-provoking piece about how parenting might be the key to freeing your inner child.

Or if you just want to consume more wholesome queer parenting content…

We have curated a section full of LGBTQIA parents on social media that we absolutely love.


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