With the rise of the “Cancel Your Gays” trend, here’s our round-up of the current status of our all-time queer faves


For television fans, cancellation is sadly a fact of life. No matter how much they can mean to viewers, some shows end prematurely. But for queer fans, the looming danger of cancellation is an ever-present threat.

When it comes to reorganising their programming, networks are far more ready to ditch shows featuring queer characters and storylines, and especially those with female leads

The latest upheaval in the entertainment industry came in April, when media giants WarnerMedia and Discovery merged into one company. The merger had an immediate impact on both companies, which now need to adjust their programming to the new combined venture.

The most drastic changes concerned the contents of HBO Max, Warner’s streaming service. Over the last months, the network has announced the cancellation of many of its original productions, including many queer fan-favourites.

While fans were already busy mourning Gentleman Jack, a milestone for lesbian representation, the much-anticipated Batgirl film was also cancelled during the last phases of post-production.

With the alarming Cancel Your Gays trend on the rise, and the future of many beloved HBO shows being uncertain, here’s what we know about the current status of some of our faves.

The White Lotus

To our great relief, a second season of this brilliant comedy-drama created by Mike White will premiere in October. 

The new episodes will leave behind the Hawaiian setting of season one for Sicily. The Italian White Lotus venue will host a brand new cast, including bisexual icon Aubrey Plaza.  

The show’s critical acclaim and award-season recognition should make renewal a no-brainer. Yet, we’ll have to wait until next year for further seasons to be announced.



The fate of this comedic gem is sadly still unsure. Hacks explores the relationship between two female comedians from different generations. 

While the first season was queer from the get-go, the show takes off in season two by fully exploring the sexuality of co-protagonist Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder), a young but disgraced comedian who finds a mentor in the older and much more popular Deborah Vance (Jean Smart).

The immensely successful series, currently one of the greatest HBO hits in terms of views, critical reception and awards, was renewed for a third season back in June, although the network’s restructuring could still put its fate in jeopardy.


Harley Quinn

The animated dark comedy series, which finally gave us the supervillain sapphic love story we deserved, seems to be safe for now.

Enthusiastic reactions to season three, which premiered in July 2022, confirmed Harley Quinn as one of the most popular shows on HBO Max. Its success is partly due to its unapologetic queerness and fresh takes on some of the most notorious Gotham inhabitants.


And Just Like That

The Sex And The City revival has been renewed for a second season. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will once again reprise their roles as the iconic New Yorkers. 

Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones in the original series, won’t return in season two either. Her beloved character, however, will be included in the plot, showrunner Michael Patrick King confirmed.

However, as an HBO Max original, And Just Like That… may find itself at risk in the foreseeable future.


Our Flag Means Death

This pirate show took queer viewers by surprise by embracing LGBTQI representation to the fullest and overtly depicting a romantic relationship between the two male leads. Vico Ortiz also served up non-binary finery as the swashbuckling Jim.

After a period of uncertainty over the show’s future, HBO confirmed that Blackbeard (Taika Waititi) and Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) will come back for another season, together with the brilliant and diverse cast we learned to love in season one.

Like most HBO Max originals, Our Flag Means Death may still be at risk of cancellation in the future, as no further plans for it have been announced.


Some other productions, both still in development and ongoing, are keeping fans awake at night

  • The much anticipated Green Lantern series, starring Jeremy Irvin as a gay incarnation of the DC superhero, has reportedly survived the HBO axe and will be released on the streaming service.
  • Speaking of DC shows, Doom Patrol is a lesser-known superhero show which has been celebrated for its representation of disability and queerness. Although a recent Variety report hinting at the series cancellation had the fans panicking, the fourth season announced in October 2021 is set to go ahead.
  • It’s less clear what will happen to The Flight Attendant, the dark-humoured thriller starring Kaley Cuoco. Back in May, the former Big Bang Theory star told the press the show could end with season two, which premiered in April. However, according to Screen Rant, a third season is being discussed, even though Cuoco has been cast for a new show on Peacock.
  • The Gen Z Gossip Girl reboot, featuring a young and diverse cast, is due to release a second season announced last September. HBO has offered no updates on the matter after the merger was announced.
  • Little Ellen, the kids’ animated series featuring the coming of age of a 7-year-old Ellen DeGeneres, has been cancelled. This is a further signal of HBO’s shift away from kids’ content.
  • Finally, some good news. Season two of Peacemaker, starring John Cena, is going ahead, creator James Gunn reassured the fans.

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