From #Tarcy being our ultimate ship to Isaac’s ace representation, it’s safe to say that we loved it


Warning: If you haven’t watched season two of Heartstopper – what else have you been doing? But seriously, this article is going to include a lot of spoilers. You have been warned. 

Heartstopper, thank you. Thank you for bringing this ray of sunshine back to our screens (especially while we’re having such gloomy weather). Thank you for bringing us new characters like Naomi and Felix. For giving us queer storylines that feel real and authentic. For not shying away from serious topics. For letting so many of us experience the queer joy that we might not have had in our own teenage years. 

The highly-anticipated release of Heartstopper season two is finally here. We spent our whole morning watching the show to give you a comprehensive list of all of the moments that gave us queer joy. 

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The first ‘hi, hi’ of the season 

Oh, Heartstopper we have missed you. As Charlie walked back into that familiar common room we were just waiting for Nick to come in so we could hear their signature phrase: “Hi.” “Hi.” Covering Charlie’s eyes, our hearts immediately went all warm and fuzzy to see the couple back on our screens. 

Naomi and Elle’s friendship 

While some of you may know Bel Priestley from her TikToks, we were so excited to see her making her Heartstopper debut as Elle’s new friend Naomi. The pair meet on an open day for an art college and instantly hit it off. It’s so special to see trans friendships displayed so beautifully on screen, and we absolutely adored meeting Naomi and Felix. 

Nick and Coach Singh’s conversation 

After being caught kissing Charlie in the rugby kit shed, it’s safe to say that Nick was expecting a big telling-off from Coach Singh. However, it filled us with so much queer joy to see the opposite happen. 

It was so special – and so important – to see Nick receive such unconditional acceptance and support from his coach. Coach Singh even shared her own experience of being a lesbian on a rugby team.

Isaac’s asexual storyline 

This is now an Isaac Henderson stan account. We absolutely adored seeing Isaac’s storyline in this series. No longer just smiling along behind a book, we really got to see Isaac as a proper character. We think we can firmly say that we weren’t the only ones to tear up when he said to James: “I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel when I have a crush on someone.” 

It was so beautiful to see Isaac finally get some asexual representation at Elle’s art show (which was made even better with Conan Gray’s song Crush Culture in the background). After picking up the book on asexuality at prom, we cannot wait to see where Isaac’s journey goes in the next season. 

Tara and Darcy being our ultimate ship 

Just when we thought that Tara and Darcy couldn’t get any cuter, season two blows anything from season one out of the water. From Darcy asking Tara if she would still love her as a worm (a valid question) to the pair always being there for each other, we absolutely loved watching them grow as a couple during this season. 

Our hearts nearly burst with happiness in the final episode where Darcy finally said “I love you” back to Tara after a very emotional conversation. With Taylor Swift’s song Seven in the background, we don’t think we’ve cried so many happy tears in a long time. 

Tao and Elle’s friends-to-lovers arc 

“Just kiss already!” is pretty much all we screamed at the TV whenever this pair came onto our screens. Obsessed is an understatement. We absolutely could not get enough of this pairing. From their shared love of art to Tao being literally speechless when Elle revealed her prom dress, we loved watching the pair go from friends to lovers. And thank god Tao finally cut his hair! 

Imogen’s sneaky crush on the guitarist 

After her iconic line “I’m an ally” in season one, we weren’t expecting to see Imogen’s character seriously crushing over the prom band’s guitarist. But with the signature Heartstopper sparks, we saw her look a little too interested in the girl on stage… Season three storyline, perhaps?

Nick’s friends accepting him at prom 

After being terrified of what people would say or think for the whole season, after Nick finally came out online we weren’t sure what to expect from his rugby mates. However, the wholesome interaction they had at prom gave us hope that things are getting better for queer kids in school. While there were still some stares and hateful comments, Nick was shown that it was going to be okay once he was out. 

Mr Farouk and Mr Ajayi 

What made this season especially meaningful was the abundance of queer teachers on our screens. 20 years after Section 28 was finally lifted – a series of laws across Britain that prohibited the “promotion of homosexuality” in schools – it was so refreshing to see characters like Mr Farouk and Mr Ajayi on our screens. 

It gave us so much queer joy to see Mr Farouk get to embrace his identity finally after spending a chunk of his adult life in the closet.

Charlie and Nick are unconditionally the best boyfriends 

This season was not all sunshine and rainbows. It raised important discussions about homophobia, biphobia, bullying, eating disorders, absent parents, and so much more. And throughout the whole ride, Nick and Charlie were always there for each other. In the emotional ending scene when Charlie finally tells Nick about the bullying he faced when he was outed, we get to see just how great they are together. 

In a time where queer characters are often left alone, dead, or depressed, seeing two openly queer characters loving each other so unconditionally is truly the epitome of queer joy. 

We need season three right about now, please… 

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