Heather Peace’s portrayal of queer character Eve has left us gasping for more, as Eastenders delivers her a long-awaited WLW storyline   


DIVA favourite Heather Peace has continued to steal queer hearts since her arrival in Walford and she’s fast becoming our most-treasured Eastender. A lesbian and mother of three, Heather is known for her previous roles in Waterloo Road, Emmerdale, London’s Burning and Lip Service.

Heather thanked her fans this week for the support in the queer storyline between her character ex-convict Eve Unwin and businesswoman Suki Panesar, played by Balvinder Sopal. She described the experience of bringing the WLW story to life as “beautiful” and “a joy.”

In recent weeks, Peace’s character Eve had been rejected by love-interest Suki, despite the apparent tension building between the two. Eve moved in for a kiss, only to be slapped by a shocked Suki. Ouch.

However, our queer little hearts were finally delivered with what we’d all been waiting for, as Suki finally gave into her temptation. During an evening of bonding over music, closeted Suki told Eve, “if you stay any longer, I’m gonna end up doing something stupid”, to which Eve boldly replied, “define stupid.” Moments later, in a real queer power move that sent the internet into meltdown, Suki grabbed Eve by the neck, pushed her against a wall and the two passionately kissed.

The WLW visibility from this scene had fans exploding on Twitter, and has no doubt gifted Eastenders with some new fans. What can we say, we’re suckers for queer content!

The pair have even been given the name #sukeve, and we love it.

The course of true love never did run smooth though, with Suki’s internalised homophobia putting a barrier between the two, causing a wounded Eve to respectfully walk away. And in a classic soap opera plot twist, the pair are thrown into a Love Triangle, as Suki’s Bisexual daughter Ash shows an interest in Eve.

Like many, we’re shipping team #sukeve. Late-bloomer representation is rarely seen on our screens, and we’re hoping Suki will come to accept herself and allow a beautiful romance to blossom. Heather Peace also joined our very own publisher Linda Riley at Brighton Pride on Saturday in the DIVA tent.

Eastenders has left us on tenterhooks, but SURELY that can’t be all that’s planned for this WLW romance. Stay tuned.

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