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When you say the word “lesbian”, what comes to mind? Flannel shirts? Cats? A room full of rainbow flags? Whilst many members of the LGBTQI community enjoy these things and identity with them, they can often be used alongside other harmful and unhelpful stereotypes. They also aren’t true for everyone. Our incredible LGBTQI community is made up of much more than this. It’s time to challenge stereotypes and celebrate what makes each and every one of us different. 

In this live streamed event, exclusive to our DIVA Community members, Bobbi Pickard, founder of Trans In The City, will chat to three popular lesbians on living their lives as their authentic selves. 

Join DIVA Publisher Linda Riley, footballers and TV pundit Lianne Sanderson and iconic singer Horse McDonald for the important conversation about the stereotypes faced by the LGBTQI community. 

DIVA Publisher Linda Riley said: “Looking forward to this discussion panel in support of Trans Awareness Week, hosted by Bobbi, and alongside two other lesbians that inspire me to live life authentically.” 

This exciting event will take place in the DIVA Community next Monday (23 November) at 8pm. Please send in any questions you’d like answered on social media.

Launched as a way of bringing the lez/bi community closer together with everything that’s happening in the world right now, the Facebook-based, digital hangout DIVA Community has grown to a membership of over 7,000 women and allies, hailing from all around the globe. Pretty impressive, eh? So we thought it’s time to give back to you wonderful lot. 

Join our DIVA Community here to join this exclusive event next Monday, in partnership with Trans In The City. 

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