New rumours circulating have made us very excited for the next series!


A number of new rumours have made their way online this month regarding what series 13 of Doctor Who has in store. Could there be some bisexual representation heading our way? Three seasons in to the 13th Doctor’s run, it seems like it’s about time that there’s a romance storyline brought in, and we would be thrilled if they made it a queer one. 

According to The Tardis Zone Official Youtube Channel – it’s certainly plausible. But as the host Noel points out, the information relayed is purely rumours. 

One of the rumours the video reveals is that Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor will come out as bisexual in the next series. Noel writes: “Doctor will allude to being bisexual in series 13. Guest star to be brought in to explore this in an episode.”

Not only is she rumoured to be bisexual, but Noel’s source also claims that “Jodie’s Doctor will apologise for past mistakes when the Doctor was male” and that an episode will also “feature a planet of same-sex couples.” 

Noel also reports that show-runner Chris Chibnall plans to reimagine the Sontarans as a non-binary race, with the video stating he wants to “cast a trans actor and also a non-binary actor as companions.” 

These changes come as apparently Chibnall “feels Doctor Who has gone stale and needed to reflect society as it is now.” If there’s truth in these rumours, series 13 will be the most diverse and inclusive series of Doctor Who yet. Keep your fingers crossed!

Doctor Who returns this December for new Christmas special Revolution Of The Daleks.

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