A brand new series created by trans people, about trans people, for everyone


Have you heard? My Genderation has just dropped their latest, ongoing film project celebrating trans lives and trans experiences. Please give a warm welcome to… #TransAND!

Led by trans campaigners, authors of the Trans Teen Survival Guide and couple Fox Fisher and Owl, in this first instalment, we see the pair visit six amazing and diverse trans people living in the UK today.

Often – and particularly in the mainstream media – society doesn’t see trans people beyond being trans. Instead, #TransAND brings attention to what trans people are other than trans.

They are trans AND…

“We have the privilege of having trust from within our community, which is something that film makers and production companies that aren’t trans don’t have,” Fox Fisher and Owl told DIVA on the launch of #TransAND.

“The trans community is so wary because we have been so misrepresented in the past, even by people with the best of intentions.

“The reason we set out to make this series is because we wanted to shift the focus away from it being about people’s medical transition, or their family reaction, or the dreaded ‘before and after’ conversation.

“This series features some amazing trans people that are achieving great things in their own right, and we should be focusing on how trans people are so much more than trans.

“The conversation needs to move forward, and we need to start seeing trans people as people who are just living, trying to make best of what they have – just like everyone else.”

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