Congratu-gay-tions to the happy couple đź’Ť


Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson has had quite the year. She’s co-created and starred in the upcoming TV adaptation of A League Of Their Own and while walking the red carpet at a screening with her partner, Jodi Balfour, a ring was visible on her finger. She confirmed her engagement to People and her co-stars celebrated the news.

Her long-time friend and co-star, D’Arcy Carden said: “It’s out. It’s great. We’re so happy. We love [Jodi.” ChantĂ© Adams also celebrated the engagement and joked that: “We’ve had to hide it for … No, I’m kidding.” Abbi’s set the record straight, “…You have not had to hide it. That was not a thing. It was not a secret.”

Jodi is an actor known for playing Ellen Waverly on For All Mankind and recently joined the cast of Ted Lasso. The lovebirds began dating in 2020 and have blessed our timelines with heartwarming photos of their relationship.

Back in October, Abbi posted a picture onto the gram to celebrate their anniversary writing: “One year with this incredible human. Don’t know how I got so lucky ❤️”

Jodi posted this picture to celebrate Abbi’s birthday writing: “happy birthday to my dream girl”.

The couple are clearly very much in love and every one here at Team DIVA is sending them a huge congratulations 🎉

If you’re looking for more sapphic joy, you don’t want to miss the upcoming premiere of A League Of Their Own which is available to stream on Amazon Prime from 12 August.


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