This is even more evidence that queer celebs are masters of the soft/hard launch


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that queer celebs know how to hard launch their relationships in style. Of course, we’ll never forget Hayley Kiyoko (aka Lesbian Jesus) and Becca Tilley breaking the internet last year and Jasmin Savoy Brown stirring gay panic online when she hard launched her boo earlier this year.

Last month, Reneé Rapp caused sapphic Twitter to lose its mind when she announced that she would be leaving The Sex Lives Of College Girls. However, this week the musician and actor is breaking the internet for a very different reason.

The bisexual star recently addressed her dating life in an interview with The Cut. “I’m in a very brunette era. Anybody with, like, brown curly hair is like kryptonite to me. I’m such a slut for somebody with an artistic vision and a strong opinion,” she told the publication. She also confirmed that she was currently “in a queer relationship”.

In a recent TikTok video posted by Reneé, she is believed to have confirmed that the relationship she’s in is with social media personality Alissa Carrington (aka Alissa Butt). She posted a TikTok of the two looking smitten together in bed, Reneé leans in toward Alissa, and lip syncs to the squeaky sound: “Having said all that, do you still wanna be with me, ’cause I still wanna be with you, maybe like, forever.” and from the looks of the comments, her followers have suspected that the two were together for quite some time and have been waiting for this day.


♬ original sound – youngexwives

Reneé and Alissa have been appearing in each other’s TikToks since the end of 2022. And while, their recent TikTok video has had people declaring it a hard launch, fans have been certain that this Instagram post from January 2023 was in fact their hard launch.

These two look great together, and their posts make it seem like they feel happy and safe together. We can’t wait for more cute pictures of the duo together. While Reneé leaving The Sex Lives Of College Girls has broken our hearts, we’re so pleased to see her happy, thriving and living her own cute queer love story IRL.


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