Introducing our new favourite WLW power couple


On May 20, Hayley Kiyoko AKA Lesbian Jesus, released the highly anticipated For The Girls music video. In it, we see Hayley star as the dating reality show’s first lesbian bachelorette. Viewers get to see dramatic introductions, fights between contestants and first-night kisses. The video also stars IRL Bachelor alum, Becca Tilley, who interrupts the tense rose ceremony. We see Hayley and Becca share a knowing look before it all fades to black.

Shortly after the video premiered, Becca confirmed the relationship on Instagram where she shared an adorable reel full of moments with Hayley over the last four years captioned: “Hard to say if this is a hard or soft launch, but it’s a launch ❤️”

Hayley replied in the comments: “The best four years ever. I love you becca ❤️.”

Hayley also opened up on her own timeline sharing photos with the caption reading: “This photo is from the first night we met at my Expectations album release party, we took this picture after 5 minutes. Her shirt said ‘no time for romance’…’s been 4 years. I guess she had some time 🤷‍♀️”

Becca responded in the comments with: “it was me manifesting in my own way…. Glad I found the time, though! I love you! Thanks for sharing that one photo of me 3 times. 🥰”

Back in 2019, Becca hinted that she was in a relationship during an interview with People, where she said: “My last relationship was pretty public and out there, and I’ve kind of got to the point where I’m like, ‘Am I able to keep anything to myself?’ So in this process of dating and going through that again, I’ve been trying to keep it more low-key. It’s been tricky. It’s a tough world out there, the dating world.”

We are so pleased that these two did indeed find time for romance in the end. Their sapphic joy fills us with queer joy.

Check out the For The Girls video below:


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