The LGBTQIA community organisation House Of Guramayle is urging allies to help protect queer people in Ethiopia


LGBTQIA community organisation House Of Guramayle is making an urgent appeal to allies across the world to help condemn the recent surge in violent attacks against individuals in Ethiopia based on their perceived or actual sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Currently, Ethiopia criminalises same-sex sexual activity between men and between women, with a maximum penalty of one year in imprisonment. Over the last two weeks, House Of Guramayle has noticed a surge in videos on TikTok which are promoting violence against LGBTQIA individuals. As a result, there has been an increase in actual physical assaults on those suspected of belonging to the LGBTQIA community in Ethiopia

On 5 August, the Addis Ababa Police Commission issued a statement which encouraged the public to report business establishments that allow “homosexual activities”. House Of Guramayle is worried that the Police Commission’s silence on the ongoing attacks and hate crimes may be construed as an implicit endorsement emboldening attackers.

The organisation urgently calls upon LGBTQIA communities, allies, civil society, and international human rights bodies to stand in solidarity with the Ethiopian LGBTQIA community. It implores the Ethiopian government to safeguard the LGBTQIA population from mob assaults, and for major social media platforms like Meta, YouTube, and TikTok to enhance their hate speech detection mechanisms and promptly remove videos advocating violence in Ethiopian languages.

For those seeking more information or ways to offer support, please contact

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