“But now she has climbed to the top of that mountain and the view isn’t so great.”


If you’re like us then you’ve been impatiently waiting for 22 June when we can finally watch season two of the Sex And The City spin-off And Just Like That… Cynthia Nixon clearly felt our anticipation as she dropped a few hints at what fans could expect to come in an interview with Parade.

“Where we left Miranda at the end of the last season, she had made this big, bold decision to renounce her coveted internship and follow Che to California to be the girlfriend of the new TV star,” Cynthia said.

“That’s where we pick them up, and it has lots of wonderful things and lots of pitfalls, as one could imagine. I can’t say much more than that.”

The first season on And Just Like That… had us on the edge of our seats when Miranda chose to quit her job, divorced her husband, started doing a masters in human rights, and then began her affair with Che. What a rollercoaster!

“I think she’s really in search of a purpose. When she was younger, she really wanted to be successful. That was her No. 1 thing,” Cynthia explained. “But now she has climbed to the top of that mountain and the view isn’t so great. She’s keenly aware that she’s much closer to the end of her life than she is to the beginning. I think she’s having an ‘Is that all there is?’ kind of a moment.” 

Season two of the show is set to be full of juicy twists and turns, including the return of Kim Cattrall as Samantha and a cameo by Grammy-winning artist Sam Smith. 

For those who didn’t approve of Miranda’s choices in season one, Cynthia has something to say to you: “They’ve [Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha] always been on a journey of self-discovery. I think on the most basic level they were not women who the first item on their to-do list was to get married and have children.”

“And so, if that very traditional female path is not the one that they were intending to walk down, well, what path were they going to take? And they had to, to some extent, create their own path. So, I think, yes, it’s always been a journey of self-discovery.”

And Just Like That… season two will be available to watch on Sky Comedy in the UK on 22 June.

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