One of the amazing Sapphic Ryders LMCC explains how she found herself leading the parade


The history of bikers leading the London LGBTQ+ parade goes back to the 1970s I believe, when I was just a mere whipper snapper living on a farm in rural Shropshire.

I desperately wished I had a motorbike to tear about the fields on, but my mother’s words always rang loudly in my ears, “No Suzanne, you’ll kill yourself.” She was right of course – I would have!

That yearning never left me and I finally took my motorbike test and passed in my late 30s! I have never looked back.

I feel immensely proud to be one of eight founder members of our wonderful patched lesbian motorbike group called Sapphic Ryders LMCC.

Being part of this lesbian motorcycle group enables me to do the things I’m passionate about with people whom I now class as a family. I feel loved, supported, understood and at home.

It’s heart-warming to be in a group where our common goals are riding motorbikes, talking about motorbikes, meeting up at biker cafes, helping others who may be struggling to come out or perhaps being bullied at school, and above all having fun, but also understanding the importance of diversity, acceptance, love, and the ability to have each other’s backs come what may.

2023 will be our second time to lead the parade and with our group now expanding, we hope to bring at least 25 fellow bikers along with us this year decked out in all the flags, rainbows, and glitter we can get our hands on.

Our president Badger and our Sergeant at Arms Bomber have been diligently plugging away gathering all the info needed from everyone with WhatsApp messages flying back and forth daily. Girls are posting pics of their possible outfits as the excitement builds. Meanwhile, we receive amazing news that Bomber our Sergeant at Arms aka Deborah Penny is going to be awarded an MBE for her many years of service in the army and her support and advocacy of Trans personnel across the armed forces! To say we are all so very proud of her is an understatement.

What an absolute honour to lead this parade, bikes revving, horns blowing, flags flapping and sheer joy as I ride past a sea of beautiful faces cheering and waving us on.

The feeling is exhilarating and uplifting, and I feel proud to stand out and continue to show support to my community and beyond, allowing others to hopefully draw on this energy and recognise that we all deserve love, respect and equality.

My own quote is, and will always be, that “I will ride till I can no longer get my leg over”! (Note to self, I must get this printed on a T-shirt.)

To Badger, Bomber, Pumper, Mac, Flipper, and Sicknote, here’s to many more years of riding.

– Slick

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