The Last of Us star says the support they receive is louder than the hate


If you’ve been watching the TV show The Last Of Us, you’re probably as big a fan of Bella Ramsey as we are! Their role in the show means so much to the LGBTQIA community because it is so deeply refreshing to see queer actors play queer characters. It’s especially heartwarming to follow Bella’s career because of how open they are about their gender fluidity at a time when trans and non-binary people are facing an onslaught of hatred online.

Recently, when Bella appeared on The Last Of Pods for an episode eight recap, they said “I’m very aware that there’s a gay army on Twitter who are supporting me and Ellie, and it’s like they’re so much louder than any people who still hate it, or hate the show, the homophobic trolls.”

Take a look at the army in question…

They’ll share love…

And admiration…

And always come to Bella’s defense.

There are even people in the LGBTQIA community and allies who have yet to see the show but are still very committed to defending the young actor from hate.

All I can say is that this support is very much deserved, because despite the fact that the queer community continues to get more representation, there are still lots of bigots out there and it can be scary to have vulnerable people in the spotlight.

Team DIVA will continue to show support and share love for Bella Ramsey — they must be protected at all costs!

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