An intimate documentary debut follows Aga, who moves back home to Poland to care for her brother whilst hiding her relationship from the authorities


What are three adjectives that capture your film’s spirit? 

Tender, subtle, intimate

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and your experience so far as an LGBTQIA+ filmmaker? 

I’m a documentary director from Poland. Silent Love is my directional debut that tell’s the story of Aga and Maya living in a secret love relationship and raising a 14 year old boy, the brother of one of them. At the moment I am finishing my second film about non-binary and trans youngsters in Poland, shot for Polish Netflix. I am also working on a social campaign for parents of trans children produced by BBDO. 

What inspired you to submit your film to BFI Flare and what does it mean to you? 

It is the biggest and most recognised LGBTQIA+ film festival in Europe, it is an honour to show my film at the festival.

Why do you think onscreen representation at BFI Flare is valuable for LGBTQIA+ audiences and allies? 

The representation gives you the feeling of not being alone, can give you hope and the feeling of being understood, as a part of a wider community.

Part of BFI Flare is the #FiveFilmsForFreedom initiative – five films are streamed for free for audiences globally. It invites everyone everywhere to show solidarity with LGBTQIA+ communities in countries where freedom and equal rights are limited. Why do you think this is important? 

Countries like my own needs films that show diversity in a way that can help people understand it and empathise with it.

Marek Kozakiewicz

Could you tell us a bit about your film and the themes it explores? 

Silent Love is a film about a new unconventional family being born in a conservative small, polish village. It’s a film about changing roles and redefining old ones. On one hand it’s a coming of age film and on the other a film about love that has to remain silent but is enough radiant and strong to overcome all the obstacles.

If you had to choose one film that inspired this feature, what would it be? 

Shoplifters by Hirokazu Koreeda.

What do you hope LGBTQIA+ audiences take away from the film? 

I hope that after watching Silent Love they will feel lots of sympathy towards my protagonists and feel that for a short time they got a chance to become a part of a new family. I’d like the viewer to feel comforted after the film; being left with hope and good/warm feelings. Even though we all know life can be cruel.

What is your favourite LGBTQIA+ film of all time? 

Call me by your name by Luca Guadagnino.

Finally, what do you think are the next steps for LGBTQIA+ representation in the film industry?

Hopefully more LGBTQIA+ actors playing in films. More LGBTQIA+ directors directing. More LGBTQIA+ producers producing. And so on, and so on …

Silent Love screens at BFI Flare London LGBTQIA+ Film Festival on 24 March, 18:25 and 25 March, 12:45 and will be available on BFI Player from 25 March. As well as this it is being screened at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival 20 March

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