Here’s our spoiler-filled deep dive into the latest episode


Are you hungry for an abundance of sapphic and queer drama? Well, the latest season of The L Word: Generation Q has undoubtedly excelled at providing this so far – especially within the latest serving of this season. If you are known to scream at the TV as your fave characters make horrible life decisions, well, your lungs sure did get a workout on Saturday.

Before we dive in, consider this your official spoiler warning for all things Gen Q season three.

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We open this episode following the startling car accident Gigi was involved in while on her way to see Dani. However, my relief that she is alive was short-lived as Nat is shoved forward by an EMT and “accidentally” kisses Gigi before intentionally doing so again. 

Now over to Alice, who’s gearing up to celebrate the 100th episode of her show. She is particularly keen on the blind date segment where she’s optimistic that one of the three contestants could be “the one”. While getting coffee, she has a meet-cute with Taylor, played by Joey Lauren Adams, who doesn’t pick up on Alice’s subtle flirting. 

Next up, arguably one of the most iconic scenes so far ensues. Finley is pondering over whether she should submit her application to the California State School of Hospitality. But along comes Shane, wielding a sledgehammer, to distract her from this big life decision by proposing they go “break shit” at the bar Shane and Tess are opening together.

Cue the transition to a very hot butch dance-off between these two heartthrobs to Pony. I would gladly watch an entire episode made up entirely of an extended version of this scene, and I am definitely not alone.  

Tess was not so thrilled, however. She’s stressed to find the two “breaking shit” out of the blue. Finely tries to ease the tension by inviting Tess to partake in the therapeutic smashing of shit. But when Fin swings at the drywall a hidden pipe is punctured and water gushes everywhere, but most importantly, all over Shane. Unfortunately, a soaking-wet Shane isn’t enough to distract Tess from her stresses who snaps at Shane. 

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The biggest stress for me this season has been how it doesn’t look like Gini (Gigi and Dani) are going to get the happily ever after I have been praying for. I have written at length about how these two are my fave L Word ship, one of the reasons being their healthy communication. So, yes, Gigi has just experienced a traumatic event and she’s on a lot of drugs. But why wouldn’t she communicate to Dani that she had invited Nat over to look after her while Dani is away? 

When Dani reluctantly heads out and leaves the two exes alone together, Gigi asks her ex about the kiss in the ambulance. Nat shrugs it off as being “nothing”. Later while watching the 100th episode, Gigi confesses that when she was in the accident, she saw Nat and the kids as her life flashed before her eyes, instead of Dani. 

And Gini isn’t the only couple experiencing trouble in paradise. Ivy is stirring up all kinds of troubles for Shess (Shane and Tess) in this episode. Previously we’ve seen the two exchange some heavy longing, but Shane had so far managed to stay faithful. But sparks fly as Shane is put on the spot to help Ivy prep a last minute contestant (Taylor) for Alice’s blind dating segment. 

We then get to see Finley having a meeting with Tess’ sponsee, who she’s agreed to cover so that Tess can go and see Shane. And it turns out the sponsee is Carrie! The two get along really well, especially as Carrie shares that Tess described Fin perfectly as, “Leonardo DiCaprio from Romeo And Juliet”. To which Fin replies “Wow, that is weirdly the nicest thing everybody has ever said to me. Wow I must be on some kind of gender journey, huh?” 

Carrie goes on to share that her rock bottom hit when Bette and Tina were reunited. Little does she know that as she goes to use the bathroom, she will be plowed by a bathroom door, which is being exited by Misty, the plumber who came to fix the burst pipe. Thanks, Finley! Misty patches up Carrie’s nosebleed by shoving a tampon into each nostril. Now that’s how you do a meet-cute! Finley later makes a deal that she will submit her application if Carrie asks Misty out. Fin presses the dreaded “submit” button and when Carrie returns she confesses that she didn’t ask Misty out but she has somehow joined her bowling league. Fin applauds her for playing the long game. I am on the edge of my seat for the bowling episode, following what we know about Carrie’s journey this season

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Oh, and we need to talk about the winner of Alice’s blind dating experiment – which was hosted by the iconic Margaret Cho. Unbeknownst to her, Taylor is the third contestant and the eventual winner. However, according to Taylor, she was just in it for the free mug. 

We get to see a really moving where Tess shares a special moment with her ill mother, before heading off to meet Shane. However, while this is occurring, Shane can no longer resist Ivy, and a very steamy scene ensues. Shess shippers around the world were screaming at their screens while also swooning over Kehlani.

And over to the most infuriating Gen Q scene of all time for this hardcore Gini shipper. Backstage on The Alice Show, Dani confronts Gigi after seeing her getting cosy with Nat. Does Gigi fight for Dani? No. All she says is that she’s confused and needs time. And Dani shares that she is understandably done. I am still fuming. 

While Gigi is sitting with Nat in a car, feeling sad about the break-up, we get to see Dani filled with sapphic rage as she hurls oranges at the car – one that Nat brought for Alice. “That was for my ex! I mean, our ex” Nat screams. While I was reeling from the end of Gini, this line did make me laugh.

Honourable mentions: 

  • Angie finding out the guy she kissed in the last episode is actually her Creative Writing tutor gave me major Pretty Little Liars flashbacks, and I was not here for it. 
  • To celebrate Alice’s 100th episode, Shane gifts her a framed edition of The Chart, which allowed us to find out Tom proposed to Alice and she turned him down. 
  • Sophie clocks that Shane and Ivy had been together, and her facial expression clearly struggling to decide how to take this. 
  • Dani accepts Sophie’s offer to come over, which results in her making a truce with Finley and getting to see the gang (Sophie, Finley, Dani and Micah) enjoying some lighthearted fun together. More please! 

The L Word: Generation Q is streaming on Paramount+ UK. 


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