Here’s how #Tibette, #Gini, #Sinley and #Shess fared in the latest serving of our fave queer show


The cast of The L Word Gen Q are back in our lives and life finally makes sense again. The second episode kicks off right where we left Tina, Bette and Angie in the final scene of the last episode. But before we commence the deep dive into the latest serving of the show, consider this your official spoiler warning.

Could we get a #Tibette wedding?

Back in August, Showtime announced the release date for this chapter with an image of a script which teased a potential wedding. Ever since, we fans have been speculating which of the show’s many ships might tie the knot this season. After episode two, I’m betting on a #Tibette wedding. Following a steamy reunion in the bedroom, making their relationship public and Tina recreating their original meet cute at an art gallery, #Tibette has a fight just before Tina leaves to return to Canada.

Thankfully Shane and Alice are nearby to console Bette who realises she needs to go after her love. In an adrenaline filled moment, Bette, Alice and Shane rush after Tina’s Lyft, with Angie taking the wheel post flirting with and kissing a boy. 

When they finally almost catch up with Tina, Bette doesn’t let a traffic jam get in the way of winning Tina back. She says an emotional farewell to her friends and daughter and runs after Tina. It’s a top tier romantic scene. Bette makes her feelings clear, Tina matters more than everything and she’s willing to go the distance. She climbs into the car, they share a passionate kiss as they excitedly get ready to start a new chapter in Canada together.

Is #Sinley toxic? It’s a yes from me

It’s no secret that I was team #Sinley during the whole Dani, Sophie and Finley love triangle plot. But are they as toxic together as Sophie’s sister Maribel says? It’s now a yes from me. In this episode, Finley plans a game night with Sophie, Micah and Maribel. What could go wrong, right? 

Right off the bat, Finley congratulates Maribel on the baby that a) Micah has not agreed to have and b) Sophie was not supposed to tell Fin about. Game night brings up more problems for everyone involved. Mid-argument Micah reveals that despite the fact he recently proposed to Maribel, he hasn’t told his mum that they are dating. 

When Finley is left alone with Maribel, Fin shares that she’s not close with her mum, and tries to offer insight into why Micah may not have told his mum about her. Maribel doesn’t appreciate Finley getting involved and as Sophie and Micah return, Finley assures them all is well as she and Maribel like each other. Maribel bluntly asserts that they do not like each other and says “And to be honest, I liked whoever she was fucking while you were gone” before leaving the room. 

Sophie tries to talk things through with Finley, apologising but reiterating that “we were on a break!” What follows is pretty poor communication and hurt feelings on both sides. While the two end up making up after Finley makes a cute gesture, the chances of a #Sinley wedding are very low.

Can Shane stay loyal or will “the itch” win?

Before the reunion of Tibette, Shane and Tess ranked second on which ship I thought was most likely to get hitched this season. Last episode, we saw Shane meet Ivy (played by Kehlani) and we wondered whether she’d manage to stay faithful. After all, things are getting pretty serious with Tess. Both women are caring for Tess’ mother and running the bar together and Tess is eager for them to both open another. 

This episode, we see Alice accuse Shane of getting “the itch” she gets when things get too serious. Shane “wiggles” as she denies the truth of this observation. Later, Shane tells Tess that she’s ready to open up the second bar saying “I’d do anything with you”. So all seems to be going well for #Shess, for now…


#Gini, please don’t you break my heart

As previously mentioned, #Shess were pretty high up in my wedding predictions. However top of my newlywed wish list was Gigi and Dani AKA #Gini. But this episode had me tearing up and preparing to send receipts of my therapy bills to Showtime.

Following the events of the last episode, we see Dani navigating having to deal with Gigi’s ex-wife Nat, and their kids. However, when Bette shares her insight on the realities of co-parenting and asks if Dani is ready to be a parent, things take a turn. Dani leaves Gigi a voicemail apologising, telling Gigi she loves her and she’d love her to come to the event.

Gigi hears the message just as she’s about to enter her home, but upon hearing these words immediately turns around, gets into the car to make her way to Dani. However, while taking her eye off the road to send Dani a text, she gets into a car accident. The episode ends on Dani receiving a call from Nat alerting her that Gigi has been in an accident and she needs to come to the hospital now. 

I have frequently written about how #Gini is my favourite L Word ship. So you can imagine my distress at this episode. I will be holding my breath until Saturday’s episode and praying that these two fabulous women can still get the happy ending they well and truly deserve. 


The L Word: Generation Q is streaming on Paramount+ UK.


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