Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons why I’ll be #TeamGini forever


As Alice Pieszecki’s famous chart which tracks all the sexual and romantic encounters between The L Word characters shows, there has been no shortage of ships to get behind. And the Gen Q reboot followed suit. With two seasons under its belt, and a third coming soon, we’ve already seen Dani and Micah, Micah and Maribel, Gigi and Nat, Nat and Alice, Nat and Alice and Gigi, Bette and Gigi, Sophie and Dani, Sophie and Finley, Shane and Tess and many more! But my all time favourite ship came to me unexpectedly in the form of Dani and Gigi AKA Gini. I was soon swooning anytime Arienne Mandi and Sepideh Moafi shared a screen.

I know, I know, many DIVA readers are hardcore Tina and Bette AKA Tibette shippers, (I’ve seen the comments!) and have been rooting for the two to rekindle their relationship, especially after the gasp worthy season two finale. But what I’m truly invested in when it comes to the third instalment, is the Gini content we all deserve. And (spoilers) after Dani’s arrest in the finale, I’m more than a little stressed about whether this ship will be able to keep sailing. With that said, I’m certain they can weather this storm. Though their relationship has only really just begun, they’ve already shown us that they have what it takes to be the ultimate power couple.

“Though their relationship has only really just begun, they’ve already shown us that they have what it takes to be the ultimate power couple”

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of all the receipts of why Gini is the ultimate L Word ship, and yes, more spoilers lay ahead.


We’ve seen what they’re like in past relationships

Both Dani and Gigi understand heartbreak. From Sophie’s affair being revealed at the altar, before she and Dani could say “I do” to Nat and Gigi’s divorce. It’s probably the reason they understand each other’s vulnerabilities so easily. But what I think really made me realise how strong Gini’s compatibility is, was Gigi’s brief relationship with Bette. It’s hard to pick just one love language for Gigi, but I know this: she loves sharing food and having deep conversations. Two things which appear to not come easy to Bette, at least with Gigi. On a date, Gigi asks if Bette’s up for sharing a dish, Bette agrees but seems put off by the idea. We also see various scenes with Gigi animatedly telling a story only for Bette to look uninterested. This is no critique to Bette, sometimes two people just aren’t compatible and as Tibette shippers are likely hoping, this may be because Bette’s heart belongs elsewhere.

In comparison, Dani and Gigi shared food together naturally from the get go, even when they were just friends. Dani also happily loves spending time listening to Gigi and getting to know her. Dani also lets down her walls and opens up about her own life as well. Whilst Dani’s fresh wounds sometimes mean she can spiral and act out, the pair are very good at communicating, establishing boundaries and most importantly, apologising.


They understand the importance of family

Dani and Gigi share many similarities. From being career driven to extremely loyal. They also have a similar cultural background. Gigi is Persian and Dani is half-Persian and they can both converse in Farsi and often share stories from their upbringings. 

Whilst I don’t care for Dani’s father, Rodolfo, I was cheering Gigi on when she achieved the almost impossible task of winning his approval. In a later episode, when Gigi questions Dani on her father’s treatment of her, Dani becomes defensive. She later apologises with a portion of beef noodles (yep, food is definitely how these two show love) and opens up further about her embarrassment that Gigi saw how her father treats her as well as her inability to stand up to him. Gigi tells Dani that her own father was very much the same way and the two lovebirds quickly make up.

“Whilst I don’t care for Dani’s father, Rodolfo, I was cheering Gigi on when she achieved the almost impossible task of winning his approval”


Opposites attract

As already stated, the two women have a lot in common. But what I love most is the ways in which the two do not mirror each other. Both are passionate and determined, however, Dani often breaks into anxiety whereas Gigi is more likely to remain grounded, or use humour to ease tension. The fact that Dani spirals in front of her new girlfriend is a good thing, and I think Gigi knows it. With others, Dani puts up a wall and tries not to let her stress show. So showing her angst in front of Gigi is also, in turn, showing that she loves her enough to let her in. It also gives Gigi the chance to listen to Dani and soothe her.


These are just some of the *many* reasons why I’ll always ship Gini and why I have a lot of faith for them to have a well deserved happy ending by the time the series comes to an end.



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