YouTube’s leading lesbian sex guru talks pleasure, pain, and finding her perfect primary partner


We couldn’t think of anyone we’d rather have on the cover of our brand new Sex Issue than YouTube’s leading lesbian sexpert, the inimitable Stevie Boebi. In one of DIVA’s raunchiest interviews ever, the influencer, educator and proud top reveals what she’s like in bed, how being polyamorous and disabled affects her dating life, and why she just wants to get wifed up.

Stevie Boebi on…

Discovering her sexuality

“I tasted pussy and came out the next day. It was like everything made sense all at once. I had dated guys before and I just thought that everyone felt like sex was a chore. I didn’t know that it could feel like fireworks with your whole body buzzing.”


“People like to think that polyamory’s a choice. Deciding to pursue a relationship with more than one partner is definitely a choice, but being polyamorous yourself is not a choice. You either have the capacity to love more than one person or you don’t.”

Her type

“I just love bottoms. Even more so in the BDSM sense. I like it when they’re shy. I like masochists.”

PLUS the YouTube star solves your biggest sex dilemmas

To discover all of Stevie’s sexy secrets, read the full interview in the January 2020 issue of DIVA, available now via the links below.

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