“It’s flexible, but I do like to be dominant”

In a brand new DIVA column, lesbians and bisexual women reveal what they really think about their sex lives, from their favourite positions to how they felt during their very first time.

In our January 2020 issue, Sophia shares the story of her own erotic awakening, explaining how she went from shame to self-love. Here’s a snippet:

“The girls I’ve been with have been quite feminine and I’m pretty feminine too. When it comes to roles in sexual encounters, it’s flexible, but I do like to be dominant. To me, great sex is when you can be open. There’s a level of trust and you can try things. It’s so important to be with a partner who is genuinely interested in giving pleasure. Everyone’s probably been there with someone where it’s not very equal and you come away feeling a bit shortchanged. Sex should work both ways.”

To read Sophia’s full sex diary, and a whole lot more sex content to boot, treat yourself to a copy of the January 2020 issue of DIVA, available now via the links below.

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