The latest unfiltered offering from Sarah Walk is the lead single from her upcoming album


Some good news ahead: the wonderful singer-songwriter Sarah Walk is releasing a brand-new, totally mesmerising and totally queer album. 

You might remember her from her 2017 debut with songs such as Maybe Someday and Still Frames, but this new album is taking on a whole new shape for Sarah’s music. 

Sarah’s sophomore record entitled Another Me is set to be released 28 August 2020 and sees her embrace every part of her identity as a queer woman, including laying out the challenges it brings. 

The songs that make up Another Me are self-investigative, a journey through a period of immense challenge and transformation. All at once the record examines marginalisation, survival, death, misogyny, vulnerability – all leading towards a reclamation of finding oneself in learning how to take up space. 

The lead single, What Do I Want?, released just last week showcases Sarah’s pop sensibilities, moving away from her signature piano ballads and into synth sounds and pop melodies. It’s a wonderful introduction to Sarah’s epic new sound, we cannot wait to hear more.

Speaking of the new album Sarah said: “A lot of things had been untapped in my writing until now, many of which deal with burdens that I’ve carried or felt responsible for, which I believe has a lot to do with being a woman and being queer”.

“I wanted to make a point early on with this record that there is a lot that women feel and experience outside of what exists in their romantic relationships” says the singer-songwriter.

“We take ownership when we don’t need to or feel guilty when we say no to things. We apologise when we haven’t done anything wrong. These are all things I have learned and tried to unlearn” says Sarah. “This is an album about being marginalised, being a woman, learning how to set boundaries without apology and being confident without feeling guilty for it. Learning how to love wholly without expectation.” 

“I think part of that comes from being a woman; we’ve been conditioned to doubt our capability; afraid of confidence coming off as arrogance. Writing this song was a way of holding myself accountable so I can transcend societal structures and avoid falling into the same patterns of paralysed anxiety.” 

Make sure you check out the stunning new video for What Do I Want? below. ✨

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