The study also reveals that discrimination is still rife in the workplace


Being able to bring your authentic self to work is truly important. myGwork is a business platform for LGBTQIA professionals and they recently carried out a survey of LGBTQIA Gen Z (Student/Graduate) ahead of #WorkFair 2022.

The aim of the study was to find out more about how this generation of people joining the workplace feel about being LGBTQIA at their place of work or study and how this impacts their job searches.

The results showed that over two-thirds (66%) of respondents would leave their job if they can’t be out at work. The majority of respondents (72%) indicated it is highly/extremely important for them to be working with pride. Inclusive workplaces are so essential, this study found that 7 out of 10 graduates/students would return to the closet if their colleagues were not allies or supportive of them being out at work – this is despite the fact that 83% have been out at university.

Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace is still rife. The results showed that around 6 of 10 respondents had been discriminated against in their place of work or study. 93% of LGBTQIA graduates wished they knew more about whether an employer was LGBTQIA inclusive or not. This goes to show how important it is to establish your company values and make this very clear in the recruitment process.

So how do Gen Z try to find out how LGBTQIA-inclusive an organisation is? The top sources for finding this out were myGwork (27%) the company’s website (23%) LinkedIn (21%) and Google (20%). And here’s some green flags Gen Z are looking for when it comes to figuring out how LGBTQIA friendly and organisation is: Inclusive policies (26%), visible role models (22%), marking diversity days/periods (21%), visibility in offices year-round (16%) and employee resource groups (12%).

#WorkFair2022 is taking place on 19 October. Graduates, students and professionals can register for free. This year’s theme is #WorkingWithPride, and the results from this survey will empower employers to gain the insight needed on how to nurture a workplace that will attract and retain this next generation of employees.

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