Some easy ways to elevate the I in LGBTQI


We asked intersex activists Valentino Vecchietti and Holly Greenberry for their tips on how to be a great ally for the intersex community. Here’s what they told us. 

1. Support and engage with intersex organisations like IntersexUK by offering your time and skills. You can find a list of intersex and allied organisations known to centre intersex voices at

2. Educate yourself about what intersex means, and educate others. The UN’s factsheet is a good place to start. Increase visibility by letting your friends, family and colleagues know that intersex people exist. This website ( also features stories written by intersex people, as well as information about the work currently being undertaken by intersex-led organisations. 

3. Write to your MP and ask them to support intersex equality. 

4. Make space for specialist intersex voices. 

5. Don’t ask or expect intersex individuals or organisations to speak or run training sessions for free. Holly says: “Most intersex NGOs are unfunded, despite their significant expertise”. 

6. Follow organisations like IntersexUK on social media and retweet and share their content. Share resources, stories, videos and memes made by intersex people. Change your profile picture. Watch and share IGLYO’s great film We Are Here (below) featuring five young intersex people talking about their experiences. 

7. Encourage LGBT charities to support intersex people, and speak up if you think they have added an I to LGBT as a token gesture. Holly says: “Please don’t add the “I” and then apply for intersex funding. This silences the work currently being undertaken”. 

8. Mark Intersex Day of Solidarity on 8 November. You could simply watch a film with your friends, like Intersexion, or distribute leaflets at your school, college or workplace, for example.

9. Support the work of intersex activists, writers, comedians like Sarah Graham, actors and artists. 

10. Sign up for a sponsored swim, run or cycle to raise money for your local intersex organisation. 

To find out more about Intersex Awareness Day this year and how you can help, visit


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