Six years on from Season 1, we analyse the #Earper effect


With lesbian couple #Wayhaught at the helm, Wynonna Earp changed the lives of queer people across the country, providing authentic representation during a period where the Bury Your Gays trope saw the mass killing off of LGBTQI women characters across TV. We chatted to Emily Andras and Kat Barrell about the #Earper effect and the show’s legacy, six years on from the first series.

Kat Barrell talks

Filming season one…

“We were just in this bubble shooting. There was no fan base.”

Playing Nicole Haught…

“It sort of becomes a part of you. I still think about Nicole. She exists somewhere.”

Emily Andras talks

Those steamy Wayhaught sex scenes…

“So much of that is trust between the performers. I was so proud of what we did.”

Fighting the Bury Your Gays trope…

“I wish more writers understood the responsibility you have to the community when you are portraying these characters who are so often sacrificed for no reason at all except to drive story.”

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