The queer pop star talks The L Word, BDE and songs about wanking


Marika Hackman has Big Dick Energy and a new album dripping with sapphic sex appeal. In our August issue, DIVA’s Roxy Bourdillon gets her thoughts on everything from masturbation music to massive pants. Here’s a taster to get you in the mood.

Marika on…

Her smoking hot new album, Any Human Friend

“I wanted to write about sex in an explicit, straight-up way, because I don’t hear that so much… It’s very empowering.”

Twitter trolls

“I was having hundreds and hundreds of tweets, people telling me, ‘Go kill yourself’, ‘You just want to go outside and get fucked by a guy’. It was relentless.”

Big Dick Energy

“I always feel I have BDE, with or without the guitar.”

PLUS Marika reveals what she looks for in a woman.

Read the full interview in the August 2019 issue of DIVA, out now in print here, digitally here and via the links below.

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