#TeamDIVA goes BTS and finds hotties in suits, serious snogging and some light BDSM


Lots Holloway’s new music video is so hot, DIVA is considering starting a petition to turn it into a full-length feature film.

In the stunning visuals for summer anthem Lose Myself, the indie singer gets their raunch on and their ropes out with bisexual actor Michelle Doiron. The pair play lovers who drive each other wild in every single way.

Lots tells us, “We oscillate between crazy and passionate. But we choose to stay together. It’s pretty sexy.” Think 50 Shades Of Gay with queer, retro vibes.

Lots confesses they met their gorgeous costar by chance at a bar. “It was one of those rare, serendipitous moments. I tried to chat her up. We had drinks. I thought, ‘If I can’t convince her to be mine in reality, at least I can for the video’.”

Check it out below.

As you can see from the following cheeky outtakes, they had a total blast on set.

Michele reveals, “The fun felt infinite”. And how was it playing Lots’ love interest? “It was very easy. Lots has such a strong presence and owns the room. You can’t help help but be drawn in.”

If you agree with Michelle, then get yourself along to Lots’ upcoming headline show at Simon Drakes House Of Magic, where this very music video was filmed. The gig is Friday 6 September. For more info and tickets look here.

And if you, like us, just can’t get enough of this sexy, summery jam, add it to your Spotify playlist now.

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