Recognise The L Word: Generation Q’s Jacqueline Toboni but can’t quite put your finger on where from?


Oh, Finley – melter of hearts, most gorgeous of goofballs, wearer of rainbow boxers – and don’t even get us started on those beautifully adorned armpits. (Yes, it’s a stereotype, and yes it’s a stereotype for a reason).

If you’ve recently watched The L Word Generation Q (which is coming back, btw) and fell a little bit in love with new cast member, Jacqueline Toboni (Sarah Finley) and also thought to yourself, “Mm, I’ve definitely seen that angelic smile somewhere else before,” then let us fill in the blanks with this Little (Screen) History Of Jacqueline Tobini. You’re welcome, #FinleyFans.


One of Tobini’s earliest on-screen incarnations was as a recurring character in NBC’s Grimm, from 2014-17. Described by The Hollywood Reporter as, “a cop drama – with a twist,” and a “dark and fantastical project about a world in which characters inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales exist,” Grimm is one for the fantasy-folk out there. Still, we can get behind the (potentially) dodgy special effects to enjoy us some early Tobini, starring as Theresa “Trubel” Rubel.


We’re not really sure what this spoof YouTube series is all about, so we’ll just let you watch it and enjoy the awkwardness (despite everything, JT is still a charming babe-a-tron in what appears to be a cameo appearance in episode three of this low-budget, YouTube comedy).


JT only had a one-off spot in season four of this American crime-dramedy series but, as we’re dedicating ourselves to the cause, we thought we’d include this trailer anyway. *Note, it definitely doesn’t feature Jacqueline Toboni. Still, you get the idea.


If you haven’t seen Easy, it’s well worth a binge. An anthology series that, “explores diverse Chicago characters as they fumble through the modern maze of love, sex, technology and culture”, the eight-episode, first series follows a gaggle of couples including lez/bi couple, Jo and Chase (Tobini and Kiersey Clemons). In the couple’s first episode, Vegan Cinderella, we see Chase give Jo the eyes at a gig before the pair hook up and, soon after, begin to date (with much vegan/activist lols). In Easy, you can 💯 see glimmers of Finley coming together and, best of all, you can easily skip straight to Jo and Chase’s episodes in a queer, Choose Your Own Adventure-style mini binge.

Generation Q

And then of course, there’s Generation Q… through which we will continue to fangirl over Finley clips, GIFs and DIVA magazine mentions until season two comes our way. Until then, let us join together in our appreciation for all that is Jacqueline Toboni-shaped – but, you know, mainly the queer stuff. #BringOnSeasonTwo

The L Word: Generation Q is available in the UK on Sky Atlantic now

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