Did someone say UK Premiere of The L Word: Generation Q? (They did, and it was the lovely lot behind soon-to-be queer space, HoP)


Have you heard about the new kids on the block? House Of Pride, a brand new organisation, “dedicated to supporting the queer female/nb community and building a ‘home’ for its members” has officially landed.

And what better way to kick things off (read: House Of Pride’s first ever event) than by hosting the UK premiere of The L Word: Generation Q in queer mecca Dalston’s beloved Rio Cinema? That’s right, people, House Of Pride are bringing it.

Oh, and they invited DIVA along (and Jennifer Beals, by way of our December 2019 issue) to join in the festivities too. This feels like the beginning of a wonderful friendship…

Without giving away any spoilers, the first episode of Generation Q was a right queer treat – and watching it in a room packed out with other queer women and non-binary people? Well, that made it.

Plus, there was live entertainment from Pride host Saski and queer comedians Kemah Bob and Alice Frick – Texas-born Kemah, is wonderful. If you haven’t seen her live before, check their work out immediately. (You’re in for all of the lols).

The audience at Rio Cinema, Dalston, wait for the premiere of episode one of The L Word: Generation Q

As well as all of this fantastic stuff, the party continued just up the street at legendary, all-welcoming queer spot, Dalston Superstore, where HoP folk collected donations on the door for charities Diversity Role Models, Mermaids and UK Black Pride – each of which had a representative at the screening prior.

In short, if this is House Of Pride setting a precedent, we can’t wait to see what the future holds – and yes, it was glorious seeing The L Word #OGs up on the silver screen. Roll on 2020 and the official, country-wide UK release.

Read more about House Of Pride in the January 2020 issue of DIVA magazine which will be available at divadirect.info. For more visit houseofpride.co

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