Clear 4 April 2020 in your diaries and support trans children and families at DigiFest!


Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, charities are seeing a sudden hit and are facing considerable challenges. Many have seen a reduction in individual donations and have been forced to cancel any events planned in order to keep staff and supporters safe.

Mermaids UK, who have been supporting gender diverse and transgender children and teenagers for 25 years, are amongst the many charities feeling the effects of the global pandemic. 

In order to aid those trans children and families that are particularly suffering during isolation, and to raise much needed funds for Mermaids, they have announced their very own DigiFest. 

Digifest will be an online digital festival organised by Mermaids, taking place on 4 April 2020 with celebrities dialling in and chatting or performing – or doing wild things – it’s going to be great, and will give a massive boost to those trans kids and families really struggling. It will also raise much needed funds for Mermaids who have seen much of their revenue vanish overnight.

It will be a multi-casting interactive festival streamed on Twitch and hosted on their own bespoke Tiltify platform, with special celebrity guests, live music and discussion. 

This is the first time Mermaids has organised its own live stream. However, they have a history of significant uptake, with the Hbomberguy raising $340,000 for Mermaids and attracting over 650,000 viewers. A fundraiser to celebrate his birthday also raised over $50,000 for them and drew in many thousands of viewers.

DigiFest will be a great way to give people a real online community and something inspiring and uplifting to look forward to, and a reminder to the trans individuals that are struggling right now that they are not alone. 

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