Want a teaser of what LGBTQI legends Tegan and Sara had to say? Read on!


Lesbian siblings Tegan and Sara have been producing overt sapphic pop for years. Their first album arrived in 1999, paving the way for LGBTQI artists like Hayley Kiyoko and King Princess to openly produce queer WLW pop.


Tegan and Sara on

Their new track, Yellow…

“I would always make a joke: ‘I’ll have to change the title of that song!’ It’s Coldplay forever and ever. You’re competing with one of the most legendary pop songs of our generation.”

The politics of being queer…

“Being queer is a political act. Its web is connected to so many other injustices.”

Growing up queer in the 90s…

“What was really unique about the 90s was there was queerness in general that was new. Up until that point things had been so specifically gendered in music.”

Coming out…

“I felt truly tortured by my sexuality as a teenager. When I came out, I think everyone knew I was having relationships with girls.”

Working with Clea DuVall…

“She was really incredible to watch. She was masterful on set with all the young cast.”

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