In a statement distributed by Trans Media Watch, Steph’s Place, an organisation dedicated to furthering the visibility of transgender women, has stated that it is “delighted” that Vice News has used their research to expose the Equalities & Human Rights Commission on its rampant links to anti-trans groups.

Demonstrating long-term, institutional bias on the part of the EHRC, the Vice News exposé details the infiltration of ‘gender critical’ activists. Manifesting a serious conflict of interest, even collusion, with anti-trans groups, the EHRC was formed to promote and uphold equality and human rights across England, Scotland and Wales. These new revelations suggest anything but.

Demanding the immediate resignation of the Chair of the EHRC and the entire Board of Commissioners, alongside Equalities Minister Liz Truss, Steph’s Place has called for an immediate review of EHRC’s practices and the suspension of any and all activities relating to the Equalities Act of 2010.

Steph Richards, the founder of Steph’s Place states: “We have been deeply concerned for some time about trans rights being rolled back in the UK, while other countries move forwards. The UK Government ignored the results of the public consultation regarding Gender Recognition Act, and now it appears that advice from the EHRC may well have been implicated in that decision given their recent letter to the Scottish Government. 

“Our country should be deeply ashamed that just a few days after the Council of Europe named the UK, along with Poland, Turkey, Hungary & Russia as a country of concern in relation to LGBT+ human rights, the EHRC – the body entrusted with safeguarding minority human rights – is actively working to undermine the rights of at least one minority.

“This needs to change – and quickly”.

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