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Look who’s back, it’s the Gentleman Jack recap! So much went down in episode five, it’s such a shame I was out of office and didn’t get the chance to cover it. There was a major fall out from election fever, Marian is set to be wed and a marriage announcement between “Tom” (Anne) Lister and Ann Walker was also featured in the newspaper which made the two Ann(e)s fret over who could be targeting them now. 

As we work our way up to the season finale (just two episodes away), Sunday’s episode adds to the tensions that have been building in this instalment of the show. I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye in sight by the end of the episode titled I Can Be As A Meteor In Your Life.

So far this season, the newlyweds have faced an abundance of obstacles. From Ann Walker’s meddling relatives and letters from Anne’s ex-lover to the two Ann(e)s being unknowingly spotted kissing. And of course, with the newspaper announcement, the question on everyone’s mind is, who revealed the secret union to the papers? 

Anne’s father, Jeremy, was dragged into the fallout of the announcement after being sent a snippet from the papers. He harshly tells Anne that: “If you didn’t draw attention to how odd you are, they wouldn’t do these things.” But he later apologises to her for these words. 

Anne suspects that it may be Ann’s meddling relatives behind the “prank”, however, could it be Anne’s ex Mariana? Who in an earlier episode warned Anne that “I’m not the other woman, she is.” We see her writing a letter to Anne which is full of double meanings. Suffice to say, the list of people who do not want to see the two women together and could be behind the publication is endless. 

Political upheaval has been on the rise this season and in the latest episode Marian announces the sudden death of Aunt Anne Lister’s doctor, Mr Sunderland. He was allegedly knocked down after the election results and believed to be trampled on. Anne shows no signs in slowing down on getting involved in future elections. Could she be exposing her loved ones to more danger? 

Ann has been struggling to rise above all the struggles. She reluctantly pays another visit to her elderly aunt and attempts to set the record straight on her intentions for her share of the estate. Her aunt offers no sympathy and when discussing their wills she tells Ann: “I changed mine when you moved into Shibden, I removed you from it, for Elizabeth’s favour.” This move means that Walker’s wealth is less secure and also offers up yet another challenge when it comes securing a future with her wife. 

As if trying to figure out who is behind the newspaper announcement wasn’t enough, Ann receives a letter from an anonymous pen pal, urging her to stay away from Anne Lister and mentioning a blast from the past, Eliza Raine. Anne tells her wife that: “Eliza’s been in an asylum in York for the last 20 odd years and I visit her occasionally for old time’s sake but she is violent… she’s attacked me more than once. She could never live independently the way she is.” 

The episode ends with a vulnerable scene between the two wives. We get to see how much Anne fears losing Ann. Whilst in a previous episode we’ve seen Ann reject a marriage proposal from James Ingham she admits to Anne that: “I always imagined one day I would have children of my own… somehow I had imagined being… a mother, but not being with a man.” Anne spirals into fear, and pleads for certainty of her wife’s commitment, after all children is something she cannot provide in 1834. “I want to be with you more than anything more in the whole world,” Ann reassures her.

Crisis has been averted, for now. But these two women have so many hurdles to face together. Viewers are anxiously awaiting to see whether they will be able to rise above it.

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