As the newlyweds embark on their romantic trip, trouble brews both abroad and and at home


Whew, LGBTQI viewers were certainly spoiled this Easter Sunday. From Doctor Who: Legend Of The Sea Devils to the latest episode of Gentleman Jack, sapphics were ruling television. 

A lot went down in the season two debut of our favourite period drama and the latest episode showed no signs of slowing down. Let’s dive right in, but first, here’s your official warning that spoilers lay ahead. 

The “first modern lesbian” takes her wife on a romantic trip to France, and problems sure do arise, both abroad and at home. One of my favourite scenes occurred when we were finally introduced to Anne’s outrageous former lover, Tib, played by Joanna Scanlan. She flamboyantly strolls into the room and admits to the Ann(e)s that she’s “been on the sauce” and continues to eye women from behind as they walk by and lacks subtlety when commenting on Lister’s former lover, Mariana Lawton. 

The newlyweds continue their romantic getaway and climb Mont Blanc. We get to see Anne’s eyes light up in the way they always do when she travels. The journey also clearly has a positive impact on Ann’s mental health and she seems positively glowing. 

Back home in Halifax, Ann’s relatives are fretting over the relationship between the two Ann(e)s and the damage this could cause to Miss Walker’s reputation. They begin to plot a scheme to marry Ann off to their old friend James Ingham. 

When the happy couple return home and try to mend relationships with Miss Walker’s family, things do not go well which leads to Ann feeling outraged by how they continue to belittle and undermine her. She vents about this as the couple pay a visit to Crow Nest to assess what items should be moved to Shibden.

Anne manages to calm her wife and the two get carried away in a moment of passion, believing that they are alone, not knowing that two children are hiding and witness the couple’s not-so-secret kisses. Could their relationship be exposed?

Throughout the episode, Ann grows suspicious of Mariana’s letters to Anne after seeing her wife’s emotional response to reading one. Anne assured her wife everything was in the past, but Walker remained unsure. The episode ends with Anne reading what might well be Mariana’s final letter. It seems her ex is finally letting go. The letter reads: “… Though we will never meet again, my wishes and prayers for you will not cease again, entirely and affectionately yours.” Anne’s strong reaction to reading these words shows that this relationship was not as “in the past” for her as she had previously stated.

As always, this episode leaves us hungry for more. Will we get to see more of the glorious Tib? Is Mariana really saying goodbye? How will Ann react if her family tries to force her hand in marriage? And of course, will their secret relationship be revealed?

Here’s what fans had to say about the episode:

The season airs Sunday evenings at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. 

The release date for US Viewers is 25 April on HBO. 


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