The two Ann(e)s knew that starting a life together would be far from easy. But recent events have shown there are more obstacles in store than they anticipated


Whew a lot has already happened this season, from Suranne Jones setting a pedometer challenge record in episode one to getting caught kissing in episode two. The third chapter of this season has us on the edge of our seats as we wonder, what will Anne Lister do next?

Before we jump in, as always, be warned that spoilers lay ahead.

Anne Lister and Ann Walker knew that starting a life together would be far from easy. But recent events have shown that navigating their lives as newlyweds has even more obstacles in store than either anticipated. Last week Ann Walker got to meet Anne’s former lover “Tib”, who not so subtly hinted towards Anne’s past relationship with Mariana Lawton. Whilst Anne told her new wife not to be jealous, and that things were in fact in the past, the episode ended in a way that makes us question whether this is true. In the latest serving of Gentleman Jack, it was Anne’s turn to be jealous when she finds out James Ingham (who Walker’s relatives plan to marry her off to, unbeknownst to the newlyweds) has contacted Ann.

Their plans to set up their futures are further paused when Ann receives a letter informing her that her sister Elizabeth has had her baby. But, “No mention on the division of the estate, it’s been how many weeks since I wrote? It’s not even mentioned,” sighs Walker pouring more booze.

As if that wasn’t enough challenges for our protagonists already, last week the two were spotted kissing by Washington’s daughter Eliza and her friend Henry. Washington finds Eliza crying, upset that her friend has been banned from hanging out with her. She doesn’t reveal the truth about what she saw, but we later see that Henry has confided in his mother. What will she do with this information?

Oh, and whilst we’re talking about Washington. He’s enraged when he finds out his older daughter, Suzannah, is being treated inappropriately by Tom’s creepy uncle Ben. When he shows up later to check in on the family, Ben, much like his brother, has seemingly disappeared. Has Tom once again been feeding the men in his family to the pigs?

Back to our Ann(e)s. In the previous episode, we thought that Anne’s former flame, Mariana, had said goodbye for good. But she writes once again requesting Anne to come and visit. “There are things between us that are still to say, some things are perhaps better left unsaid but at the same time, could Ms Walker spare you for one or two nights to visit me in Lawton?”

Ann gives her blessing for Anne to visit Mariana for closure but when they say goodbye Walker grows teary and Anne tells her that she loves her. When the ex-lovers do reunite, Mariana is not pleased and meets Anne coldly. She goes on to claim that Anne is “not in love” with her new wife. “The way you write about it in your letters, I know when you’re not in love and this isn’t it… you’ve destroyed me and you’re not even in love.”

It’s hard to read what Anne is thinking after hearing this, but we are desperate to see what she will do in the next episode.

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