Watch and enjoy as various members of the LGBTQI community come out in their own words


Hey DIVAs! Happy National Coming Out Day 🌈 Even if you have the best support network in the world, coming out is never easy. That’s why today we want to highlight five inspirational coming out stories.

Willow Smith comes out as polyamorous on The Red Table Talk

The multigenerational talk show has never shied away from intimate discussions. Willow has opened up about many things on the show, but one of her most memorable moments was when she came out as polyamorous: “I love men and women equally and so I would definitely want one man, one woman”. She has since gone on to help break stigmas surrounding polyamory.

Stephanie Beatriz on representation in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The actor behind one of Netflix’s best coming out scenes is also bisexual in real life and since her fictional coming out on the show, Stephanie has openly discussed bisexuality, representation and dispelling the myths that surround it.

Jordan Gray didn’t come out when she thought she had

Comedian and screenwriter Jordan shares her story for National Coming Out Day. She shares the humorous moment she realised she didn’t come out when she thought she did and she shares a lovely message for any LGBTQI viewers who might be ready to come out.

Saski shares how she came out to her parents

In this video, singer and activist Saski shares how she came out to her parents and how their reaction and support motivated her to help members of the LGBTQI community to be our true authentic selves.

Dodie writes a coming out song for Pride

Former DIVA cover star Dodie used a biconic song to describe her bisexual experiences. Many subscribers have shared that this song helped them in their own coming out and others have shared that they sent this song to show their allyship for bi friends in their lives.

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