Get ready to delve into the life of the “first modern lesbian”


Are you twiddling your thumbs as you eagerly await a renewal announcement for the phenomenal period drama Gentleman Jack? Well, we’ve got good news for all needing some more Anne Lister in their lives. The documentary, Fit For Another World – The Legacy Of Anne Lister, created by Meg Maguire and Liv Woodward is now available to watch on YouTube.

Fit For Another World delves into the life and legacy of legendary 18th Century lesbian diarist Anne Lister, and her untold connection to York ahead of the opening of the Anne Lister College at the University of York. Through exclusive interviews with experts in the Lister-field (Sally Wainwright, Helena Whitbread, Anne Choma, Prof. Laurie Shannon and many more), viewers will get an insight into Anne’s life in York and its surrounding areas, and why the naming of the new college is incredibly important to so many.

In our February 2022 issue, Liv Woodward shared the process behind making a documentary about “the first modern lesbian”. She wrote about the “wow” moment, that happened after the team interviewed a man called Ed who worked in a church who had this to say about Lister: “She was very brave, but she also wasn’t the loveliest person in the world. And that’s ok. It’s ok be both brave, admirable and a little bit unpleasant.” From that moment Anne’s unapologetic self shaped the story that the creators wanted to tell and they’ve done a phenomenal job. So sit back, relax and enjoy diving into the life and legacy of the brave, unapologetic and imperfect Anne Lister.


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