Tonic Housing, Opening Doors London, and Stonewall Housing today launch their Building Safe Choices report 


Three prominent LGBTQI charities: Tonic Housing, Opening Doors London and Stonewall Housing, have today released the results of a collaborative project – the Building Safe Choices 2020 report. 

The charities decided to team up in order to conduct much-needed research to better understand the housing, care and support requirements of the older LGBTQI community in London. 

Older LGBTQI people have diverse needs and varied levels of resources. Research showed that many of these needs are not being met, and choices are restricted by limited resources, showing exactly why this is such a crucial matter.

With over 620 respondents, the survey was the largest of its kind and carried out in early 2020, closing mid-lockdown. 

The results published within the Building Safe Choices 2020 report showed that:

  • 75% of respondents wanted to stay in London in their later life 
  • Over 78% of respondents want an LGBTQI accredited retirement community option 
  • Over 92% of respondents want more LGBTQI supportive housing options 
  • Almost four in 10 of respondents with disabilities said their current housing situation is not fit for their needs 

All three organisations are committed to continue working together to make sure that LGBTQI affirming housing, care and support becomes available to meet the demand. It’s imperative that with the launch of this report, the voice of demand of older LGBTQI people will be heard, and we’ll see a positive change in the options available in the coming years.

Click here for the full Building Safe Choices 2020 report.

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