Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. Instead, why not Netflix binge, date yourself or alternatively… revel in the kitsch


On the contrary, couples often feel pressured to make the day special, while singles are left frustrated by the overload of “romantic fuss”.

At Womanizer, we think Valentine’s Day – or Galentine’s Day – offers so much room for interpretation whether that’s: date night, self-love rituals or even a very special kind of Independence Day.

Here, five women give us inspiration in celebrating the “day of love” in our own way…

#1 Sonja, 2, from New York: My personal Independence Day

“I’ve resisted this trend for a long time – maybe because I’ve never been in a relationship over the 14 February. My seemingly ‘sad single existence’ was held up to me as if in a mirror – which didn’t make me feel particularly happy.

“At some point I started to see the positive side of my relationship status. Now, I love my freedom and independence – and that’s what I celebrate on Valentine’s Day.”

#2 Anne, 34, from Bremen: Candlelight Dinner? Nah. Strip club.

“I spent a very unusual Valentine’s Day with two friends of mine in a strip club watching confident women do their thing.

“All three of us were single at that time so we decided to enjoy a Valentine’s Day of a different kind.

“Who needs rose petals and amore if it’s only for the day?! Instead, we celebrated ourselves and our friendship – and had lots of fun along the way!”

#3 Maja, 32, from Wellington: Self-Love Meditation

“As a yoga teacher, I take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to integrate self-love into my yoga practice.

I hold a self-love class with meditation that connects students with their feelings as well as practising asanas that open the heart.

“Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to deal with love in a spiritual way.”

#4 Yumi, 53, from Singapore: Me, myself and I – the International Day of Self-Love

“I’m not celebrating Valentine’s Day anymore. Instead, this year I’m celebrating the International Day Of Self Love on 13 February 2019 by going on a date with myself.

“I’ll turn off my smartphone, do some yoga, order a takeaway, go to bed and watch Netflix – and I won’t apologize for feeling great about it!

“I was inspired by Womanizer to do this little act of self-love, by the way. They celebrate the whole of February as ‘Me Month’, which is an alternative to the conventional Valentine’s Day.

“Personally? I think it’s great. And it could very well be that my personal Womanizer is used several times on that day…”

#5 Franzi, 38, from Berlin: My Cupid & I

“My girlfriend and I – we love everything kitsch and cliché, so we celebrate Valentine’s Day the way it is written!

“We buy each other flowers, write cards and go for a romantic dinner. We don’t take the whole thing seriously and see it more as an excuse for a bit of fun.

“I think it’s totally legitimate to celebrate Valentine’s Day if that’s what you enjoy doing. It’s nice when everyone is ‘kitschy’ on just one day and can run around with hearts in their eyes – whatever the history of the day itself.”

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