The traditional symbolism and contemporary rules of putting a ring on it πŸ’


Thinking about tying the knot, but not sure where to start? We’ve come up with a few tips of our own… 

Embracing marriage

Marriage, as a tradition, has certainly passed the test of time. But it comes with some practices with which many are now uncomfortable. For example, feminist writers point to the custom of men giving engagement rings without receiving one in return. This can be seen as a display of ownership of their wife-to-be.

So what do engagement rings mean to lesbian and bisexual, same-sex couples? 

When it comes to engagement rings and wedding rings WOOLTON & HEWITT, who are specialist LGBTQI+ jewellers, are uniquely placed to report on new traditions being created by same-sex couples… 

Spectacular sparkling diamond engagement rings in luxurious platinum

Union of equals

In our brave new world lesbian and gay couples do things differently. Many couples embrace the institution of marriage but roles and ceremonies are negotiated. They are a choice. That’s a critical difference.

Our relationships are founded on equality and reciprocity and so the symbols of our marriages must be a reflection of this.

Stunning diamond engagement rings, Pure Emotion

When it comes to engagement rings, at WOOLTON & HEWITT, we find that exchange is the norm. Both women make the decision to wear a symbol of their commitment to each other and it’s the perfect occasion for something special, to splash out a little on gorgeous diamond rings that have real meaning for their partnership.

An outstanding design set with beautiful brilliant diamonds

Do it your way

Saying that, engagement rings are definitely not compulsory! Some couples do not want engagement rings at all. Others opt for a pair of diamond bands to symbolise their engagement and when they get married they become their wedding rings too.

Of course, it’s still completely fine for just one of a couple to wear an engagement ring – not because of a cultural bias but because of choice. 

Say “I love you” with a pair of princess cut diamonds

Be brave – now is the time for you to make the rules. It’s up to all of us to make the new traditions of love.

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