A tailoring company that understands the importance of finding a suit that fits your body


Suits and women. Women and suits. Suits on women. Even women on suits (I’m talking about you, Meghan Markle) …are having their moment. 

I mean did you see that thing Zendaya did at the Harper’s Bazaar Party? We know you did. Whether it’s over Cate Blanchett, Sophie Turner or Kristen Stewart (again) – lesbian Twitter is eternally thirsting for besuited ladies tailored to perfection.

In dreaming of your Gentleman Jack moment, what’s a girl to do? 

How about tailoring? Apparently, nothing beats the thrill of wearing that perfectly fitted, made-to-measure suit. Bespoke tailoring claims to be the way to express your personality, your individuality and look a million bucks.

Wait… I can sense your scepticism. You’re thinking of fusty three-piece suits that also cost a fortune, right? Do they even cut those for a woman’s body? Should I prepare myself for the cringe-worthy, “No, actually I’m not shopping for my husband…”?

We’re going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret to help you throw away the preconception of purse-breaking pretentiousness you have around traditional tailoring. There’s a new generation of young, creative tailors in town, free of the tweed-infested stuffy realms of Saville Row, and they’re chomping at the knit to help you seamlessly find your style.

What’s the saying? It’s the suit that makes the man? Well, we’ve caught the woman who makes the suit for you, and only you – and she’s at the vanguard of this new wave of dynamic tailors.

Kerry Goodrich is the owner of Goodrich Bespoke based in her relaxed, informal studio in Wokingham.

“Where’s that?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s approximately an hour from London. Too far? Not for this suit. 

An expert in making you look your best, whatever your style, Kerry’s motto is, “Whether bold, subtle, feminine, masculine or androgynous – your suit should suit you.” 

Kerry is so confident, she guarantees Cate Blanchett will declare herself deceased once she sees it*. Just let your imagination run wild, and Kerry and her master crafts(wo)manship will do the rest…

*Cate Blanchett not guaranteed, but we can dream right?

Head over to goodrichbespoke.co.uk to find the suit of your dreams 💫

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