The US soccer star has released a new statement in which she puts the cheating rumours surrounding her divorce to rest


Last month it was announced that the soccer stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger were getting divorced after four years of being married. Not long after, it was reported that Ashlyn was allegedly dating One Tree Hill alum Sophia Bush, causing fans to begin hurling abuse towards the former USWNT player. 

Ashlyn finally broke her silence with a statement posted to Instagram addressing the rumours which had been circulating about their divorce. “Several weeks ago, a process that had been ongoing privately for some time became public,” the statement began. “Ending a relationship after almost 13 years of friendship, teammate-ship, marriage and co-parenting (many of them good years) is a decision that was not made lightly.”

She continued: “We agreed to centre our children, continue therapy, separate, and move forward with our lives. Two happy families are always better than one unhappy one. This process is never easy, but we were making our way through.” 

After the announcement of their divorce, Ashlyn was met with a number of accusations online that she had cheated on Ali. In her recent statement, Ashlyn addressed the impact of these allegations and abuse. “The online hate that has happened since has been one of the most personally devastating experiences of my life,” she said. 

“Words matter. The cheering on abuse, the people clamoring to encourage me to commit suicide, and the cruel words spoken about my children, and who I am as a mother?” she continued. “Those words matter. Someday my kids are going to be able to read the hate that strangers on the internet wrote, all because those strangers had an unsolicited opinion on my health and happiness. What are we doing here?”

Addressing the rumours that she had cheated, Ashlyn said: “Let me be clear: I did not step out on my marriage. I was always faithful in my marriage, if not always totally happy.”

She finished her statement by saying that she was focused on creating “a better future” for their children away from the abuse and rumours online. Ashlyn also stated that her children have always been her main priority, and securing their happiness is the goal of her and Ali’s new co-parenting experience. 

In her final line, Ashlyn wrote: “I’d appreciate if you could take a breath and treat me and my family with some humanity.”

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