According to the source “there is no salacious story” around the coupling “though the public may want there to be”


Lesbian and queer sports fans were left shaken earlier this month when it was revealed that WLW icons and US soccer stars, Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger are getting divorced after nearly four years of marriage. It was reported by People that Ashlyn had filed for divorce from Ali on 19 September.

And it appears that Ashlyn is ready for a fresh start. There has been much speculation that the sports star has been dating One Tree Hill alum Sophia Bush, who filed for divorce from her husband, Grant Hughes, in August. And yesterday (17 October) People reported that the rumours are true, according to a source from “inside their social circle”.

The source told the outlet: “After being friends for years, and running in the same social circles, Sophia and Ashlyn went on their first dinner date a couple of weeks ago. This is so recent, and they are both beginning new chapters.”

The source also stated that “there is no salacious story” around the coupling, “though the public may want there to be.” And went on to state that Ashlyn and Ali’s “divorce began months ago” and they’ve been “living apart since the summer”.

Sophia has previously never openly dated a woman or publicly come out as LGBTQIA. Back in August, when it was announced that she was getting divorced, duexmoi posted that “something nuclear” had happened in the marriage that made Sophia convinced she had to file and that it wasn’t “as simple as someone cheating” and that it had “nothing to do with him being nuclear to her”.

One TikTok user commented one day before People’s report went live: “Funny how they separated days after Sophia was in Cannes with Ashlyn Harris and now they are seen together ALL the time.”

And queer TikToker Trainer Tessa has posted videos on the platform surrounding the news of Ashlyn and Ali’s divorce. One made five days ago theorising on something happening between Ashlyn and Sophia. And two days ago, she posted a follow-up video on all the celesbian drama.

And since the source’s statement was published, there has been even more speculation that Sophia’s marriage could have come to an end due to her queerness.

Break-ups and divorces are never easy. Even more so when done in the public eye. It’s hard enough to navigate how to rebuild your life without the whole world knowing that you’re trying to do so. I hope that everyone involved is doing okay, especially Ali and Ashlyn’s two children.


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