We can’t get enough of the American Horror Story star 


Ah Sarah Paulson, with a career spanning nearly three decades alongside a multitude of awards, and taking on roles like Alice in Ms. America (which also featured another DIVA favourite Cate Blanchett), Mistress Mary Epps in 12 Years A Slave, Lana Winters in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story (who also created series such as Glee and Pose), and how could we forget about her stunning performance in Carol, starring as the title character’s ex-girlfriend Abby.

In terms of her personal life, she and her partner, Holland Taylor (a terrifically acclaimed actor herself) have been officially dating since 2015. Despite receiving some media backlash surrounding their age gap, the couple have defended their relationship and demonstrated how beautiful sapphic love is!

While Paulson has already wooed us on screen, shall we check out some of her jaw-dropping off-camera looks?

Here she is rocking the fall vibes on the cover of Saks in 2021

What a ruby red queen at the 2021 Emmys. Also, this. Dress. Has. Pockets!!! The following year’s Emmys gave Sarah Paulson the win for her portrayal of Linda Tripp In Impeachment: American Crime Story.

The feathers! The Jewels! I love it! Also is it just me or is she giving us a Gentleman Jack/Anne Lister glance?

And of course, I had to treat us to this super sweet New Year’s Eve swagger in 2019 with Holland Taylor.

Mega throwbacks to the 2001 VMA awards! The neon is totally giving flashbacks but the Fushia lipstick is what’s truly holding it together.

Check out this classy crowd on The Graham Norton Show back in 2017, featuring Paulson in a sleek black and floral dress.

Short-haired Sarah supremacy. This photo features her elegantly accepting her HCA TV Award in 2022!

I rest my case. The jacket and snake necklace, but no eyebrows offer a super badass look. 

More of the short-haired hotness on our favourite blonde bombshell.

However, this blonde bob definitely deserves some major appreciation, especially while standing next to someone else beloved by the lesbians

She did Greta Gerwig’s Barbie before Greta did.

Is it global warming or did it suddenly just get very hot here?!

Emmy nominee besties mean business.

We love a queen who stands for justice.

Check out this incredible selection of Sarah Paulson’s greatest looks!

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