“I am genuinely made up. It’s not down to me, it’s down to the writers. It was a very, very easy character to play”


As if Heather Peace hasn’t rocked our world enough with her sexy #Sukeve storyline, she’s only gone and won an Inside Soap Award!

Yes, DIVAs, our favourite lesbian heartthrob picked up Best Newcomer at last night’s awards. Justifiably so, given how Eve has set our screens on fire since joining EastEnders.

She’s such a perfect fit, it’s hard to imagine the soap without her. Or any soap without her. Or any TV show ever… getting a little Heather Peace obsessed over here, I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

Heather’s humbleness shone through in a heartfelt tweet:

Could she be any more perfect?

One fan account gave us a tantalising glimpse of Heather and Balvinder Sopal (who plays Suki) on the red carpet together:

In the video, Heather’s humbleness shines through again. She said, “I am genuinely made up. It’s not down to me, it’s down to the writers. It was a very, very easy character to play. You get some great one-liners, she’s loyal, she’s fun, she brings a bit of light…”

At which point (be still our thumping #Sukeve hearts) Balvinder chimed in, “Sassy, she’s got it going on, Suki loves her”.

I’m a puddle on the floor, DIVAs, how are you doing?!

We also got a behind the scenes look into Heather’s EastEnders audition. She said, “I wasn’t even going to do the self-tape because I had the kids all weekend. And then me and my wife bashed the self-tape out in 20 minutes. I sent it off and they must have liked it,” she laughed.

They did. And so do we. No, scrap that, we LOVE everything about Eve!

It was a big night for EastEnders. The show won Best Soap and took home awards for:

  • Lacey Turner (All Time Soap Icon)
  • Gillian Wright (Best Actress)
  • Jean in Southend (Best Showstopper)

How lovely that two actors, who play characters so closely linked to Eve, also took home some gold. Perhaps some Heather Peace magic is in the air on Albert Square?

Congratulations Heather from #TeamDIVA!

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