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On the 30 July, expect your social media streams to become filled with heartwarming stories from parents of LGBTQIA children. Why? Because it’s Out And Proud Parents Day!

Out And Proud Parents Day is an annual celebration of the unconditional love of parents of LGBQTIA children. The aim of this day is to create parental role models within communities, to help inspire other parents of LGBTQIA children to become more understanding and accepting of their own children.

Every year parents post videos with their LGBTQIA children from all across the world to show their support and acceptance of their kids, regardless of their cultural or religious background. In order to get involved this year, you can post a video or photo with the #OutAndProudParentsDay on your social media accounts to “come out” as a proud parent. 

Matt Mahmood-Ogston, founder of Naz And Matt Foundation, the charity who started Out And Proud Parents Day, said: “The purpose of the day is to find and promote parents who can inspire other parents who may be struggling to understand or accept their LGBTQIA children. We want to show those parents that there is a positive way forward. It might not be easy, and there may be some challenges, but there is nothing to be ashamed of.” 

With so much representation of LGBTQIA role models on social media and on TV now, Out And Proud Parents Day is there to celebrate the parents of these LGBTQIA children. It’s a chance to share their stories, give advice to other parents, and to show the world the power of unconditional love. 

Despite the positivity that Out And Proud Parents Day exudes, its formation comes from a much darker place. Matt Mahmood-Ogston was spurred on to create this celebration after his fiancé of thirteen years Naz tragically killed himself after his family couldn’t accept that he was gay. From this pain, Matt wanted to create a day to show the parents of LGBTQIA youth that acceptance and love is the only answer. 

“When an LGBTQIA person is accepted, their chances of having a happy, successful life is massively increased,” Matt explained. “The ultimate goal of this work is to stop another young person taking their life because they haven’t been accepted by the family who gave birth to them.” 

To find out more about Out And Proud Parents Day click here now. 

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