Travel Entrepreneur & CEO of Walking Women, Ginny Lunn’s new life would have seemed impossible a mere 12 months ago


I catch up with Ginny Lunn, Travel Entrepreneur at her house in Andalucía, Spain just before she’s due to check out a new trail in the Sierra Nevada. Her new life would have seemed impossible 12 months ago. Let’s rewind.

Ginny met Maggie in 1996. Based in Ireland and France respectively, they moved to London and lived there very happily. They travelled, lived and loved until sadly, cancer took Maggie’s life in 2015. After 20 years spent together, two of which were in and out of hospital, Ginny found herself alone. London had changed for her. Now, it was a blur of medical treatments and pain. She asked herself: “Who am I now? Where is my place? Nothing makes sense anymore.”

Ginny decided that she would never have a relationship again. Her confidence was shot, noting that “being with someone as they die changes you. You have to try and reinvent yourself without your partner. Travel had been important, but how was I supposed to do that now?”.

Ginny had never joined groups on her own or as a couple and was resistant to the idea. However, in 2018, she took the plunge. With support from friends, she challenged her thinking, venturing to Norway, followed by a swim trek to the Galapagos Islands. She hasn’t looked back.

In August 2021 Ginny sold her flat, gave up her desk job and bought the company Walking Women. “This wasn’t about money for me. It was about lifestyle and possibility”. Having acquired the company, Ginny began to visit the routes and talk to her customers in order to create a truly inspirational experience for anyone who identifies as a woman. “I attended a hike in Switzerland, grumbling about not wanting to share a room with any of the women in the group. It was a wonderful experience and on the final night, having spent time with a certain someone during the trails, I had a rethink on the room share thing!” Being bold and taking risks really paid off for Ginny, as she reflects: “It opened something up for me and all of a sudden I had space”. Ginny tells me that many women meet friends and partners on walking women trips, an added bonus to the guided walks, great local knowledge and breath taking views.

Travel for work is not the only reason Ginny is jumping on planes and trains. She’s currently commuting
between Surrey, Andalucía and Zurich as her Swiss Hiking room mate is now her partner. They have a “very modern global romance”. Further adventures await this inspiring traveller and self starter as she takes her business and life to the next level. Ginny is keen to speak to anyone who is interested in being a guide and seeks a challenge to build the business with them. Fancy an adventure? Check out the walks here, and follow Walking Women on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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