Directed by Emily Badescu, Back To Bass explores the lives and work of queer DJs 


When you think of drum and bass music, drag queens might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Emily Badescu’s new documentary Back To Bass is here to change that. Following the work and lives of the pioneering queer Drum & Bass movement, Unorthodox, Emily explores the reality for queer DJs who are pushing back against homophobia in the electronic dance scene. 

In a new fundraising campaign, Back To Bass has partnered with Everpress to sell a collection of exclusive graphic t-shirts in order to support the post-production of the documentary. The Back to Bass x Everpress campaign features five unique t-shirt designs reflecting the stories told in the film. The t-shirts cost £27 each and can be purchased here

“I grew up going to Drum & Bass raves, and during the pandemic, like many others I was yearning for the collective experience of raving,” Emily explained. “The lockdown gave me time to reflect on my experience of Drum & Bass raves, the good and the bad parts. Once things started to open up again I was curious about how this pause on live events was going to affect the genre and raving. What was going to be born out of this stillness?”

Her curiosity led to her finding the group Unorthodox, and so Back To Bass was born. The documentary follows DJs Nathan X, Pinks & Clarkus, Ash Kenazi, Xīlhu Ayebaitari, the legendary MC Chickaboo, and EQ50 mentor. 

MC Chickaboo said: “You gotta learn the game in order to change it, then when you can’t change it, scrap the whole game and do your own.”

Back To Bass is set to premiere in late 2023. More information can be found here.  

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