The White Noise Theatre production is about to start their tour


PlantGays is an exciting new show about three queer people who connect with nature. This informal performance celebrates queerness, and the joy and history in our community. It has a run time of 60 minutes, in which a collection of queer stories centering nature is presented to the audience. Collaboration is crucial in this show as it is co-authored by three actor-writers: Jonny Brace, Maria Telnikoff and Mol Tucker, and supported by a team of LGBTQIA creatives.

Kieran Vyas Photography

If it’s not already apparent, community is a big part of this show, so it comes to no surprise that the creators encourage people to bring a pillow and a plant with them to performances. So, if you’re a self-certified “Plant Gay”, this is is right up your street. Bring yourself, your friends, your family, and whoever you think might enjoy laughing together while listening to some queer stories.

Audiences have praised the performance as “unique, refreshing” and “captivating” — don’t miss out on this experience.

London showings:

  • Omnibus Theatre 23–24 June
  • The Greenhouse Theatre 24–25 June

Devon showings:

  • Chapel Barn, Tuell Farm 29 June
  • Exeter Phoenix on 30 June – 1 July

Get your tickets for all tour venues here:

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